The one-hour Training & Certification module was conceived to maintain MoCA’s superior validity and was designed for busy medical professionals.

Care providers and researchers of all backgrounds will gain applicable knowledge of neuroanatomy and the cognitive domains that MoCA assesses. You will become more confident in administering MoCA and explaining results to patients and families. You will receive a unique MoCA ID number and certificate. Your name and certified status will automatically appear on the tests you administer.

Successful completion of the official Training & Certification is mandatory for users of paper-based MoCA versions. The move toward certification imagines a better future for cognitive testing: Mastery-level proficiency that benefits raters, the test, and our patients.

Training & Certification is now free for students, faculty members, and academic researchers (proof of status is required).

MoCA Brochure 2022

An Overview of MoCA

View or download the brochure to learn more about the history of MoCA, where and how the test is used, and why it remains the leading screening tool for mild cognitive impairment.