Take MoCA’s one-hour Training & Certification program to be more confident in the way you administer, score, and interpret tests. This program takes the variability out of testing, allowing you to be more accurate in patient care. When multiple raters are involved, the process is standardized so that testing is consistent from one member of the healthcare team to another.

To ensure consistency and accuracy, training and certification to administer and score, the MoCA Test is mandatory.

After December 1st 2020, access to the test will be restricted to officially certified users (except exempted users, see below). If you need immediate access to the test, you can select the button: “I am already certified or will complete my certification before February 1st 2021.”

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the date of September 1st 2020 to complete the mandatory training has been moved to February 1st, 2021.

Exempted from training and certifications are students, residents, fellows, and neuropsychologist.

You have one year, since September 1st 2019, to complete MoCA’s Official standardized training and certification program.

If you wish to continue using the MoCA Test without being officially trained and certified, you will be at increased risk for administration, scoring and interpretation errors which could lead to misdiagnosis and liability.

Certification takes just 1 hour.

One of the largest benefits of the Training & Certification program is that it helps you minimize errors, and thus minimize liability. Training will increase the tool’s precision and reduce the risk of errors and potential liability.

Training & Certification is $125 USD and includes:

Administration and scoring tips | Test analysis of real cases | Self-test analysis

Group rates are also available:

  • 10% for 10 – 99 participants

  • 15% for 100 – 499 participants

You will have two months to complete the Training & Certification program. Once the certification is passed, training will no longer be available. Certification is valid for two years. Retraining after 2 years is recommended but not mandatory and will be at 50% of the initial training cost.

Contact us for larger groups or for 3 year licensing agreements that offer more advantageous rates.

Please be sure to download the test instructions to follow along with the training: in the top menu of the website, click on ‘‘MoCA TEST’’ then ‘‘PAPER’’, select version 8.1 and the language you wish to use, then click ‘‘DOWNLOAD TEST’’.