The original MoCA in paper format (“MoCA Full”) is the most sensitive and validated cognitive screening tool, supported by over 500 peer-reviewed studies. MoCA Full is widely used internationally by various medical professionals and available in over 100 languages and dialects. Other MoCA versions are available for different patient populations and for special requirements of clinicians and researchers.

MoCA Full

Moca Full

Quickly and accurately test subjects for mild cognitive impairment, irrespective of etiology. Available in three versions to decrease possible learning effects when MoCA is administered every three months or less.

MoCA Full assesses:

  • Short-term memory
  • Visuospatial abilities
  • Executive functions
  • Attention, concentration, and working memory
  • Language
  • Orientation to time and place

Scored on 30 points and administered in approximately 10 minutes.

Paper test Full

MoCA Basic

Moca Basic

Adapted questions facilitate the detection of mild cognitive impairment in subjects who are illiterate or who possess less than 5 years of education.

Validated in various international population, MoCA Basic “…addresses an unmet need by accurately screening for MCI in poorly educated older adults regardless of literacy.” (Julayanont et al., 2015, JAGS)

MoCA Basic assesses similar cognitive domains to MoCA Full. Scored on 30 points and administered in approximately 15 minutes.

MoCA Basic

MoCA Basic Blind:

(Available in Hindi only. Other languages to come) MoCA-B Blind is an adapted version of the MoCA-Basic, containing the same items except those requiring visual capabilities.

Scored on 22 points and administered in approximately 5-10 minutes

MoCA Blind / Telephone

Moca Blind

Adapted for administration by voice only. Ideal for subjects with visual impairment and for remote assessment by telephone. Similar to MoCA Full, but items requiring visual abilities have been removed.

“The sensitivity and specificity of the MoCA Blind in the detection of Alzheimer’s Disease remain excellent” (Wittich et al. 2010, JVIB)

“…a brief, valid, reliable, and feasible cognitive screen for telephone administration” (Wong et al., 2015, Stroke)

Scored on 22 points and administered in approximately 10 minutes.

MoCA Blind/Telephone

MoCA 5 minute / Telephone

Moca telephone

The 5-minute “Mini MoCA” is an abbreviated version of MoCA, composed of the tasks proven most sensitive to mild cognitive impairment, developed to allow for even quicker screening and remote evaluation, as it may be administered over the telephone.

“…a valid and reliable scale for detecting cognitive impairment in different clinical populations. It is administrable by phone and thus suitable for remote assessment as well as for large-scale screening and epidemiological studies.” (Dujardin et al., 2021, Rev Neurol)

Scored on 15 points and administered in approximately 5 minutes.

MoCA 5 Minute/Telephone

MoCA Audiovisual

Moca Audiovisual

Performing MoCA by videoconference is simple and accurate. Download adapted content for easy administration of every MoCA question for remote audio-visual administration by clinician and researcher.

“…a feasible and easily accessible exam for both physicians and patients” (Yu et al., 2021, PC&OR)

Watch our instructional video on how to properly administer MoCA by videoconference

MoCA Hearing Impairment

Moca Hearing Impairment

Developed to facilitate the detection of cognitive impairment in subjects with a hearing impairment. The MoCA-HI assesses similar cognitive domains as MoCA Full using visual flash cards.

“…Easy to administer and reliable for screening cognitive impairment in the severely hearing impaired. No conversion factor is required in our prospectively tested cohort of cognitively intact subjects.” (Lin et al., 2017, Laryngoscope)

Scored on 30 points and administered in approximately 10 minutes.

MoCA Hearing Impairment
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