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Become more confident in the way you administer, score, and interpret MoCA tests with our Training & Certification program. This program takes the variability out of testing, allowing you to be more accurate in patient care. When multiple raters are involved, the process is standardized so that testing is consistent from one member of the healthcare team to another.

In order to standardize administration and interpretation of the MoCA test, MoCA’s Training & Certification program is required for both paper and app test raters.

Certification takes just 1 hour.

The establishment of an official training module with certification was in part a response to the many requests from medical professionals, professional orders, and organizations aiming to increase user proficiency in administering MoCA and to limit risk and liability related to improper scoring.

Training and certification also became crucial to maintain MoCA’s superior validity and position as the leading screening tool for detecting the earliest and mildest forms of cognitive impairment.

Certification Status

As of July 1, 2021, all users’ Certification Status will appear on MoCA tests downloaded from paper section.

Certified users will have their name and MoCA Certification ID number automatically appear on their tests.

Non-certified users must complete a disclaimer to access paper tests or operate the app. Non-certified status will appear on their tests.

Training & Certification is $150 USD and includes:

Administration and scoring tips | Test analysis of real cases | Self-test analysis

Group rates are also available:

  • 10% for 10 – 99 participants

  • 15% for 100 – 499 participants

  • Please contact us for 500 or more participants

You will have two months to complete the Training & Certification program. Once the certification is passed, training will no longer be available. Certification is valid for two years. Retraining after 2 years is recommended but not mandatory and will be at 50% of the initial training cost.

Other available discounts:

  • Professor/teacher at University/college: 25% reduction (please provide active university email/staff id and name of Institution).

  • Student/resident/fellow: Free access for training. 50% reduction on certification (please provide proof of current enrolment. Student ID is not sufficient).

  • Academic research: 50% reduction, please provide proof of IRB approval.

-> Please Click here to provide proof of academic status.



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